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The Cosmix Initiative
The Cosmix initiative is a community building effort on the part of the Ringling College of Art and Design, Bishop Planetarium at the South Florida Museum, and Riverview High School Planetarium to lay groundwork for a number of potential collaborations that would extend the reach of these institutions into relationships with new audiences.

There are several goals of the initiative:
  • To prototype ways in which artists across the community can participate in making immersive media works for fulldome projection, and to create a repository of those works for Bishop Planetarium and Riverview High School Planetarium to screen.
  • To enlist students and faculty from the Ringling College to create site-specific works that would enhance the experience of the South Florida Museum for its many repeat visitors.
  • To host a symposium to advance information and techniques that allow for individual artists and community groups to make content for the state-of-the-art immersive media possibilities of fulldome projection.
  • To pioneer curricular strategies and develop new curriculum for the expanding field of immersive media.

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