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The "dome master" image is a 4096 by 4096 square*, with a circle inscribed in it.
Any part of the image that falls outside of the circle (black corners) is ignored.

This image format was designed to meet the needs of Fulldome projection:
  • High resolution needed for large projection; fulldome is approximately 50 feet in diameter.**
  • The circular format needed for projection on a full 180° hemisphere.

  • Imagine holding the image over your head and looking up at it.
  • The bottom center (front) of the image is directly in front of the audience.
  • The top center (rear) of the image is behind the audiences' heads.
  • Left is left, right is right.
  • The exact center of the image is at the peak of the dome which is slightly forward of straight up due to the forward tilt of the dome.

* Actually dome masters come in various resolutions, including 2048 x 2048, 3600 x 3600...

** Fulldome facilities range from small inflatable domes up to 100 foot diameter installations.
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